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Creative Acorns | ​an innovative boutique marketing, event production and publicity company.​​
We help clients produce inspired campaigns and memorable experiences in unique and creative ways. Most importantly, we ensure our clients' messaging and branding is consistent throughout each endeavor.

"From the tiniest acorn              grows the mightiest oak."

A versatile boutique firm, Creative Acorns specializes in combining your marketing, event and publicity needs into one comprehensive, engaging and creative venture. Our range of services help growing companies and organizations reach their goals, whether it is raising awareness, funds or their profiles.

what's that you say?

So the cogs in your wheel are all aligned and running you just need to let people know what's going on! Marketing gurus, publicity us what you like but we have got you covered. Whether it's upping your social media game or getting press releases out to the right folks, we can help you light that neon sign that says, "We are here and open for business!"

leave a lasting impression​​

show (you) the money

Money doesn't necessarily make the world go 'round but we understand that it is essential for non-profits to keep the doors open and the good work happening. With years of fundraising experience, we can help you find sponsors and donors or write grants and programs so you can keep focused on your mission instead of standing on the sidewalk with your tin can.

delegate your cares away

Creative Acorns can handle all your event planning needs. We're uber-organized, detail-oriented down to a "T" and, well, creative!  We take great pride in being versatile and energetic, ensuring a unique and successful event, each and every time. From small family events to meetings and corporate affairs, we make it seamless and fun for you!​

There are not enough hours in a day to get everything done, especially as a small or medium-sized business and we get that. Do you need to find a graphic designer? Need help organizing your database? Or just getting through a busy time of the year? We have the resources and the chutzpa to dive right in and help you get it done.

Creative Acorns

P.O. Box 1741
Lafayette, CA 94549

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